Once our experienced asbestos surveyors at MDHS have carried out a Building Survey on your property or premises, we will send you a thorough and detailed report of any findings, including results from any tests of suspect substances found on-site. Covered in the report are the following sections:


An MDHS asbestos survey checks for the condition of materials containing asbestos. It is generally safe if any containing material is completely intact and the moulding or sealing has not been damaged or disturbed. In our reports at MDHS, we look at the level of damage and grade it from 0 to 3, the latter of which is material with a high degree of damage and which could potentially give rise to visible asbestos debris.


This helps us to determine the amount of asbestos fibre that could be released if the material were to be damaged. The grading is the same as above, and ranges from the asbestos fibres being well bonded and difficult to remove to the potentially dangerous material being unsealed and exposed.


Once all of the factors mentioned above have been determined, the scores are added together and an overall assessment score is given from High (needing urgent attention) to Very Low (representing a very low risk to health). This is, of course, only the case if the asbestos remains undisturbed. In all cases, an annual re-assessment is highly advised.