Where will you find asbestos.

The most common asbestos-containing materials and products are found in the following areas :

  • Roofing materials, including sheet materials and components of composite sheeting, tiles and felts
  • Guttering and drainpipes
  • Wall cladding and soffit boards
  • Spray coatings to ceilings, walls and beams/columns
  • Loose asbestos in ceiling/floor cavities or ductwork
  • Firebreaks above ceilings or between trusses
  • Textured coatings (e.g. Artex) and paints
  • Loose asbestos inside partition walls
  • Partition walls and wall/ceiling panels
  • Floor tiles, linoleum and floor backing paper
  • Lagging, gaskets and gaiters to Air Handling Units
  • Lagging on boilers, pipework, calorifiers, etc.
  • Paper linings under pipe lagging
  • Gaskets at pipe and vessel joints
  • Rope seals on boiler access hatches and between boiler sections
  • Boiler flues
  • String seals on radiators
  • Fire blankets